Lyndrea Price – Everything You Wanted To Know About

We all know about tennis superstars Serena and Venus Williams. The dynamic sister duo and winners of multiple championships, these two have made such a mark in the world of tennis as well as sports that the rest of the world can easily idolise them. While Venus is also a prominent tennis player, Serena takes the cake. The insanely talented former tennis star from the USA was ranked as the number 1 player in 2010 in women’s singles. She has also won a huge number of titles and among them she has earned 23 grand slams. This is something that only a few have the power to earn.

While Serena and Venus Williams have other siblings of their own, they also have an older half sister they are pretty close to. Her name is Lyndrea Price. She is the daughter of Oracene Price and Yusef Rasheed . She has siblings of her own, Yetunde Price and Isha Price. Oracene is also the mother of Serena and Venus Williams. Their father is Richard Williams, who happens to be the step-dad of Lyndrea Price. Richard and Oracene divorced in 2002.


Lyndrea Price was born in 1978, but her exact date of birth is not known. She is around 45-46 years old. She is a private person who has not let a lot about her get divulged into the public, but at the same time, she is an incredibly successful businesswoman. Lyndrea is the daughter of Oracene Price and Yusef Rasheed. She has two other siblings, Yetunde and Isha Price. She became a half sister to Venus and Serena when their mother, Oracene Price, gave birth after getting married to Richard Williams. Growing up, Lyndrea had a close relationship with her family. Richard Williams always had a big role to play in the advancement of the Williams’ sisters tennis career, and upon his insistence, Lyndrea also played tennis growing up. But her career dreams were different from that of her two sisters. Their mother was also a professional tennis coach.


Lyndrea Price is very private about her life but she is an extremely successful entrepreneur. She is an apparel and merchandise designer. Before she became well known, she used to work at Home Shopping Network as a fashion consultant. She has worked as a creative client for Venus Williams’ clothing brand, EleVen. She has worked in some entertainment projects as well.

Private Life

Not much is known about the private life of Lyndrea Price. She has hidden a lot about herself from the tabloids, like her birth date and other such details. This is important to her because, as two of her sisters are famous athletes, they are constantly under the eye of the public, it’s only normal to want to keep things private. But there are a couple of more things to know. She is married to Vernon Imani. They met in 2016. It is not known if Lyndrea Price and Vernon Imani have kids or not.

Relation with Sisters

Lyndrea is very close to her family members, especially her half sisters Venus and Serena. They share a close bond with each other and as a result of that, they often post picture of each other on their social media pages.