Kim Marie Kessler Bio, Personal Life, Career, Relationship

The most notable aspect about Kim Marie Kessler is that she is Randall Keith “Randy” Orton’s second wife, a WWE wrestler, actress, and stuntman.  Along with his involvement with the SmackDown brand, Orton has been in a number of movies, including “That’s What I Am” (2011), “12 Rounds 2: Reloaded” (2013), “The Condemned 2” (2015), and others.  Kessler has been asked for interviews by many newspapers despite not working in the entertainment sector and frequently going with her husband to plays and other events. She and her husband took part in an interview on a WWE Network episode of “Unfiltered With Renee Young” in September 2015.

In 2012, Kim Marie Kessler attracted  attention while Randy Orton filed a divorce from Samantha Speno, his first wife. Early in 2012, Speno filed for divorce from Orton, citing a “irretrievably damaged marriage,” which garnered media attention. Although Kessler dated him beginning in March 2012, the divorce was finally finalized in June 2013.

They routinely went out in public together and never made an effort to hide their connection from the media. Since she joined Twitter in 2014, she has routinely kept followers updated on her personal life, even though the media extensively chronicled the development of their relationship and eventually marriage. Numerous news outlets documented her transition from a dedicated fan of the WWE star to his wife, giving her superstar status.

Personal Life

 Kim was raised by her parents in New York, but she wishes to keep them private, thus nothing is known about them. Kim is thought to be an only child since she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings.

In order to become a model, Kim practiced posing in front of the mirror in her room as a teenager. Sadly, she was never given the chance to pursue a modeling career, so her goal was never realized.

When Kim graduated from high school, she decided not to enroll in college and to instead focus on other areas of her life because of her attractive features and polished demeanor.

Kim Marie Kessler’s career

Kessler makes a living through a number of entrepreneurial endeavors. She serves as the CEO of Slthr, a clothing and accessory brand that caters to both adults and children. Joggers, hoodies, t-shirts, and socks are some of the clothes that are sold.

Kim and Randy’s  Relationship

Before they met, it was well known that Kim was a huge fan of Randy Orton; she often daydreamed about dating him and had a number of his pictures hanging on the walls of her house. Her first husband’s opinion on her obsession is unknown, but it surely had an effect that resulted in their divorce.

They met for the first time at a WWE event in New York; Randy enquired for her name and later admitted that despite being well-known, he was scared to approach Kim.Randy Speno’s five-year marriage to Samantha Speno ended in divorce in 2012. Soon after, he began dating Kim. Three years later, in July 2015, he proposed to her. Randy took Kim to Bora Bora, lit the candles, and had a special dinner prepared for the occasion when he proposed.