Lexi Rivera: Early Life, Family, Career, Boyfriend, Net Worth

Due to Brent Rivera’s YouTube channel, we have seen her younger sister, Lexi Rivera, develop into a successful vlogger and YouTuber. Even though Alexa now has a channel of her own, she occasionally works with Brent on videos.

Every Saturday, Alexa uploads new videos to her 6.1 million-subscribed channel. Her audience is astounding because she only began uploading to her channel a little over a year ago. The primary topics of discussion in this essay will be Alexa’s YouTube career, her skills, and the rumors surrounding her love life.

Early Life:

Lexi Rivera was born in Huntington Beach, California, on June 7, 2001. Three older brothers were also reared with her. Her older brother, hockey pro-Blake Rivera, competed for the Jr. Ducks Hockey Team in the national finals. Her second-oldest brother is Brice, and the third is Brent Rivera. We can see from Lexi’s social media posts that the family is relatively close-knit.

Although she spends most of her time with Brent, Lexi claims she doesn’t have a favorite brother. She adores each of them equally. She said the following in the video Wait, Who’s My Favorite Brother?

“I don’t have a favorite; I adore them all equally… When I publish images of my brothers, people exclaim, “Oh my Gosh! You are blessed. You guys get along so great. I’m very fortunate. Lucky me. They all adore me dearly, and I adore every one of them.

Although Lexi is very close with her brothers, she says her mother is her most significant influence. She started to A-list Nation that she admires her mother;

She is the most unselfish person I have ever met and has shown me the value of perseverance and a positive outlook. Most importantly, she has always emphasized the significance of treating people with respect and valuing their diversity.

Physical Appearance:

 When Lexi was younger, she began training in gymnastics and excelled immediately. She used to compete in school events and took home the top honor in an interschool contest. Her followers may now view her gymnastic prowess on social media. She recently shared a gymnastics performance on Instagram in a video. After the video, she whacked herself in the head, but it demonstrated that she had kept her talents.

To keep fit, Lexi adheres to a tight workout schedule. She dances a lot, and her Tik Tok account features some of her routines. On Tik Tok, Lexi has 5.1 million fans.

Lexi Rivera is a sexy and pretty actress who has a stunning appearance. She is renowned for having a beautiful and endearing personality. She has a thin figure, a sweet smile, and an attractive appearance.

Her estimated figure dimensions are 32-24-33 inches, indicating that she has a thin build. She is around 54 kg in weight and 5 feet 5 inches tall. Her long, gorgeous blonde hair is shining, and her beautiful, hypnotic green eyes are scorching in color.


 John and Laura Rivera are the parents of Lexi Rivera. The father of Lexi Rivera is Mr. John Rivera, a store owner by trade, and the mother is Mrs. Laura Rivera, a housewife.

She also has three siblings; Blake, Brent, and Brice Rivera are the names of her older brothers.


 Brent started the Lexiloulouu YouTube channel in August 2010 for Lexi. To highlight Lexi’s abilities as a gymnast, Brent founded the channel. Brent began to concentrate more on his channel and less on Lexi’s as his fame on YouTube increased.

The account eventually stopped being active in 2012. However, Lexi’s career on YouTube was far from over. She was frequently featured on Brent’s YouTube channel, which led to her rapid growth on social media. Also on Brice Rivera’s YouTube channel was Lexi.

When sometimes, Lexi decided to restart her YouTube career after her fame on Instagram increased. On July 1, 2018, she published her debut YouTube video in which she responded to queries submitted by her followers on Instagram. Comedic fashion and beauty videos may be found on Rivera’s YouTube account. Lexi also publishes prank and challenging films.

Rivera is highly well-known on YouTube and appears to earn a sizable amount from her social media activities. Lexi said she would have wanted to become a physician’s assistant if she hadn’t been a YouTube sensation.


Professional skateboarder Ben Azelart was born and raised mainly in Hawaii. Three years ago, he began a YouTube channel, where he mostly showcased his skateboarding prowess and some of his wacky escapades in Hawaii. The channel now, however, focuses primarily on practical jokes and challenges.

Fans have long speculated that Lexi and Ben were dating because of their friendship. The duo did not, however, confirm their connection. We received official confirmation that the two were dating after they uploaded their breakup video on November 22, 2020.

Before the two lavished one other with compliments, Rivera said the video was “far overdue.” It was described as an ambiguous on-and-off connection. Because they occasionally got back together to appease followers, Ben argued, an internet romance couldn’t last.

Online relationships are an entirely different matter. Being young at the time this all began was difficult for us and quite confusing. We went through some of the most transformative years of our life as we transitioned from adolescents to adults. It became more intricate and perplexing as the years passed.

Ben didn’t completely rule out reconciling with Lexi. Ben said, “I’d say this isn’t simply something everlasting.” In a later video, when she graded Lexi’s rumored and genuine boyfriends, Lexi’s mother said that she approved of Lexi and Ben’s relationship. Because of how long you two were together, Laura stated, “Ben occupies a particular place in my heart.” Ben earned a 9.5 from Laura out of 10.

Azelart promised to stand behind Lexi no matter who she chose to date. Lexi is allegedly seeing Andrew Davila, a friend of Ben’s. My ex meets my new boyfriend was a video where Lexi presented Davila to Ben as her new boyfriend. Andrew appeared in the video. However, she added that they are “terrific friends.”

Lexi keeps insisting that she is not dating Andrew. On March 28, 2021, she posted a pair of Instagram pictures of herself standing close to Andrew with the comment, “Bestie Vibes Only.”

Social media popularity:

 Rivera dominates the social media landscape, with over 8 million followers on Instagram, over 22 million on TikTok, and over 8 million subscribers on YouTube.

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Lexi Rivera’s estimated net worth:

Most of Rivera’s social media content producer profits come from her presence there, which is said to have a net value of $2 million. Excluding brand-sponsored partnerships, for which the artist may charge more than $50,000, the creator on TikTok could make up to an estimated $21k for each post. According to estimates, she may make as much as $25k for a brand-sponsored post on Instagram. In brand-sponsored arrangements, she might charge upwards of $25k for each video, but her typical earnings on YouTube are closer to the $18K figure per video.


●       Who is Lexi Rivera?

Alexa Brooke Rivera is the actual name of Lexi Rivera.

●       2. What does Lexi Brooke Rivera earn?

A $2 million estimate of Rivera’s net worth has been made. As a content developer on social media, Rivera makes the majority of her money from there.

●       3. Who is Lexi Rivera’s third husband?

Despite being single, Andrew Davila is dating Lexi Rivera right now.

●       4. Has Lexi Rivera had a YouTube channel?

She does indeed have her own “Alexa Rivera” YouTube account.

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